The Portrait Project

I've been drawing (and painting) people for as long as I can remember.   

Some years ago, I decided to set myself the goal (clearly unachievable) of doing a portrait of everyone I knew: just a headshot, captured with minimal posing and executed quickly. I'm more interested in these being interesting pieces than "flattering" likenesses. The result is what I've come to refer to as "the portrait project."  

Some of these I've struggled over, others fairly leapt off the brush. For me they are a way of  trying new things, loosening  up, and getting over creative humps. 

Most are acrylics on 22 x 30 in primed rag paper, with a few done in charcoal, graphite or colored pencil on unprimed rag paper. All are friends and family. There's a story behind almost every one of them. 

Below is a sampling of the output of this 20+ year project.

Interested in a portrait? Contact me.

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